C.A.R.E Joins Cayman Airway’s ‘Miles Ahead’ Program

CARE – are pleased to announce they have joined the ‘Miles Ahead’ program with Cayman Airways, which gives Non Profit Organizations and Charities here in Cayman a chance to gain miles for flights. Our ‘Puppy Miles’ are used for our Transfer Program – ensuring the puppies of Cayman receive a much needed second chance off-island. We encourage members who wish to donate to fill in the Frequent Flyer form which is accessed via their website: www.caymanairways.com Please be sure to include our frequent flyer no. 100448482 in the name of the Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts on the form.

Flying Cayman Airways to New York ?

If you are we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for passengers flying CAL to JFK who are willing to chaparone a dog. Its really easy and wont take too much time and goes a long way in saving a life. Please e-mail inf0@caymancare.ky if you would like to help or want more information.

‘A Home to Call My Own’ – Community Dog House Program

“The Home to call my Own” Project, came about after the realisation that several of our community pups that had been fixed had no real shelter from the elements in their yards.   We order our dog houses through Northward Prison woodwork shop who build these custom built houses which are superbly designed, offering ventilation as well as protection for the pups.   If you would like to sponsor one of our much needed dog houses, then please click the donate button below.

‘Heart Guardian’ Program 

The ‘Heart Guardian’ program came about from the realisation that a lot of our community dogs are contracting heartworm disease (see our Pet Tips Page to read the information sheet on the disease).   The most widely available preventative available on Island is Heartgard.  This tasty, chewy tablet administered every month will prevent the development of Heartworm in your pet’s bloodstream even if they are bitten by an infected mosquito.  If you would like to sponsor the heartguard monthly treatment for a community dog for a whole year, then please contact us.