Reporting animal cruelty

Joining Forces To Protect Pets

If you suspect that an animal is being neglected or abused, in the first instance please contact the Department of Agriculture.   The Animal Welfare officer is empowered to investigate and enforce animal cruelty or abuse cases.    While we support all efforts to prevent cruelty to animals, C.A.R.E – Cayman Animal Rescue Enthsiasts  is not authorized to investigate animal cruelty cases.

When it comes to animal welfare, your voice is needed! If you need to report abuse or neglect, get as much information as possible. This includes the condition of the animal and whether the animal is being provided with proper shelter, water, and other necessities. The exact location and description of the animal is also helpful. However, even if you cannot obtain this information and you suspect an animal is being neglected, you still should report this to the following:

Department of Agriculture  Animal Welfare Officer – Erik Bodden e-mail or 947 3090

Alternatively Department of Agriculture Senior Animal Health and Welfare Officer – Ronald Green 925 2831 or 947 3090 email

Education is the key to ensuring the welfare of animals in the Cayman Islands.  CARE will work with all animal owners who want help and advise. We try to help change the owner’s behavior through education and assistance.