About Us

Our Mission is to prevent ill-treatment, cruelty and suffering to all domestic animals and to eliminate over-population and its accompanying pain and suffering by actively promoting spaying and neutering and to make funds available, where there is a need, to the public for this purpose and to endeavor to educate on responsible pet ownership, animal welfare and animal behavior by engaging the hearts, hands and minds of the community to help the animals.

Our vision is to make the Cayman Islands a No-Kill community, and where every pet is a wanted pet and homeless pets are history.

Our goals: Intensive, easily accessible and, where necessary, free spay and neuter availability; an active trap neuter and release program for feral cats; and achieving a change in community attitudes toward spaying and neutering pets through education and example.

CARE was formed in 2008 when a group of committed and dedicated volunteers of the Humane Society, all of whom are staunch animal lovers, realized that more could be done to end the suffering of companion animals here in Grand Cayman. Unfortunately there is room on this island for more than one Animal Rescue organization and our efforts can only go to compliment the Humane Society and their efforts. We truly believe we can end the suffering and educate on animal welfare by getting into the grass roots one district at a time, through door-to-door campaigning, Community dog washes and with other community programs such as Meals on Wheels.   In addition to offering a spay and neuter service (including transportation), we also assist in providing education in all areas of animal care to ensure pets become a part of the family. It is our wish and desire to be able to work alongside the Humane Society and the Department of Agriculture so that we can all work together with the goal of ending pet over population.

It takes a village to make a difference!