Wish List

CARE “Wish List”

Caring for our animals requires a lot of time, love, money, and supplies. Below is CARE’s “Wish List.” Donating the following items help us with the day-to-day care of our animals and support our operational needs.

For the Dogs

  • Toys that are Durable/washable (i.e. Kongs, hard bones, nylabones, etc)
  • Towels – bath size, cotton
  • Leashes – regular, slip leads
  • Dog and puppy food
  • Food/water bowls all sizes
  • Dog Houses (see the link to donate a Dog House on our sponsorship page)
  • Heartgard (see the link to sponsor a community dog’s heartgard on our sponsorship page)

Cats are Scratching for…

  • Toys
  • Towels – bath size, cotton
  • Cat and kitten food
  • Food/water bowls (prefer small, non-flip)

Animal Care Supplies

  • Crates/carriers
  • Grooming equipment (Shavers, brushes, scissors, shampoo, nail clippers, flea combs, etc

We’d also Love

  • A second hand Van to transport the community animals to and from the vet