We are a small group with no physical facility but we do have a huge drive and commitment to this cause.   We are therefore reaching out for assistance as we recognize we can’t help animals without people who will be our key resource.  With the power of teamwork and collaboration, by working closely within our communities we can better serve the animals, one person and one animal at a time, and we can achieve our mission.   If you are interested in hearing more about CARE by volunteering your time please do contact us we would love to hear from you.  e-mail [email protected]

Volunteers are especially needed for:

  • Animal Transportation to and from the Vet
  • Door to Door Spay and Neuter campaigning
  • Becoming a Caretaker for our TNR program for Feral Cat Colonies
  • Education program
  • Fundraising
  • Welfare Assistance
  • Dog Washes
  • Dog House Building
  • Feral Cat Feeder Station Building

It takes a Village and together we can make a difference.