Cayman’s community is diverse and comprises many inter-dependent social and environmental parts. #kidsCARE is an interactive education program run by dedicated volunteers of CARE, it aims to teach students empathy for other beings and care for their environment, qualities essential to raising kind, compassionate citizens.

Domestic pet overpopulation and ill-treatment is an island-wide issue causing social and environmental tensions. It can cause friction within communities, pose health and safety issues and environmental impacts, resulting in a threat to Cayman’s precious indigenous wild animal populations including native birds and of course, Cayman’s precious Blue Iguana, and left unchecked will ultimately pose a threat to our tourist industry.

The #kidsCARE education program has been developed to address the need for balance in future generations and empower students to realize they can make a positive difference in their communities and the world around them and we would like to bring this community enhancement program to your school.

Staffed entirely by well-educated volunteers from our community it is designed not to take up much of precious curriculum time, roughly 45 minutes per class. Sessions will range from the following topics with lesson plans and activities (tailored to age) to match:

  • Introduction to animals
  • Animal safety
  • Pet responsibility
  • Pet overpopulation
  • Animal Cruelty

Please contact our kidsCARE team and let us help you introduce humane education to your school.