One week on and a little update on the Sweet Lili from her forever Mum and Dad: Lili is doing great. She is already into a good routine; a long walk first thing in the morning, then off to the office to be with her other doggie friends (employee’s dogs) for play time, then noon walk, afternoon nap, more play time, and evening speed walk. She loves the outside. Lili is very intelligent and alert. She is very comfortable in our home surroundings and the neighborhood. She is a big squirrel chaser so we keep a tight rein on her. She finally figured out how to squeeze the food out of Kong. At nighttime she sleeps on her Kung Bed with the Cayman blanket on top. We are all doing great. Lili is a wonderful, loving addition for Bobbie and I. We are so grateful to have her in our lives and home. Stuart and Bobbie ( Picture of Lili and her new office companion on their lunch break)