Hello everyone,
I know you are all overdue for an update, my apologies for taking so long…
Sophie and Lucy are doing really well, you would think they were best friends from way back!  Lucy was a bit timid when she first arrived and a bit aggressive at the same time (she played really rough with Sophie), we are happy to say that is all behind us.  Lucy has learned to play fetch and tug, loves to run at the dog park, really loves to chew bones and rip the stuffing/ squeakers out of toys we bring home.  Her round worms are gone and she was given a clean bill of health from the vet.  We’re really happy to have her with us, Sophie’s really happy too!  I’ve attached a few new pictures I thought you would like to see.
Our dog walker met someone who moved up from Grand Cayman a few weeks back (her name escapes me).  They got to talking about dogs (she’s walking her GSD mix) and it turns out she knows Lucy (as Lucky) from the island.  Small world huh?
-Matt & Bri