Last but by no means least, we are delighted to announce the final adoption of the P Pups, that’s right, our one eyed wonder boy, Pirate, is finally home! Pirate gets to keep his name, cause, well, it really suits him ;o) He is settling in nicely with his new family, loving the beach walks with his Mum and learning fast how to live with his cat siblings. We would like to take this opportunity now to thank several folks who came forward and made the P Pup rescue possible, by opening up their homes and hearts to foster and nurse these little ones back to health and filling them with so much love, and giving them a great start by socializing them so well, so that they became the wonderful pups they are today. So to – Sarah, Paul, Martina, George, Catherine, Stephen, Ida and Chris – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you certainly made a difference for these little ones, you guys truly rock and fostering really does save lives! We look forward to the occasional updates on these three siblings :o)11659309_10152896564891402_4455738401003366678_n