Hi All –

Where to start?!! I would share photos with you but Sammi nibbled through the wire for my camera! They will come soon though!

We are all settling in perfectly together – one friend commented over the weekend that it seemed like we have always had her.  The first couple of days she had a few accidents – but she has since learned to wait for the elevator and have been on a streak since Friday!  She is starting to feel more comfortable and her confidence is coming out – and man is she fast!! Her favorite game in the park is “chase me until we all fall over!”

We saw the vet on Friday and we have started her on heart medication and flea and tick meds (she had both).  Also we did find out from the vet that she has Giardia – so we now have her on a course of medication for that and are bleaching the house as if we were living on a yacht!! (who knew Sammi would bring us so much closer to the Caribbean!!)

This said I am actually running home now to take her out!! Thank you again to everyone – more photos/videos to come!